Private Insurance & Extended Health Insurance

If you have private insurance we recommend you to contact your insurance provider prior to your first appointment. Also, you can check your extended plan to see if there is any mention of counselling being covered by an RSW (Registered Social Worker) or by a professional who holds a MSW (Master of Social Work) degree.

Your insurance company might ask for verification that a counsellor is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSSSW), which is information that can be located

Payment is required on the date of your appointment. You will be sent an e-invoice and when you pay for the session you will be sent an e-receipt. Your e-receipt can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

This includes:

  • Invoice #
  • Date of the session
  • Type of Service
  • Duration of session
  • Attendance
  • Cost of session
  • Confirmation of payment
  • Form of payment
  • My business name
  • My personal name
  • My credentials
  • My registration number

**Please note that your provider and/or Third Party may not cover missed appointments or late cancellations. If this is the case you will be required to submit payment for your session prior to rescheduling with our office.


Disability Credit Canada-See my Trusted Health Professional Listing

Disability Credit Canada:

I have been listed as a Trusted Health Professional with Disability Credit Canada.

Please see the following links as well as Request a Free Assessment on their website to see if you qualify.

*See My Trusted Health Professional Listing (Click Here:)

·         Disability Tax Credit Guide

·         Child Disability Tax Credit Guide

·         Disability Tax Credit Calculator

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