My Approach to Your Therapy

As you may have read I am trained in a number of therapeutic modalities/approaches and I don't tie myself to any one approach. Instead, I come from an integrative or holistic approach and I blend elements from different therapeutic tools and approaches and tailor to the individuals needs.

I draw from different schools of psychological theory and research, to be more flexible and come from an inclusive approach to treatment, than more traditional singular forms of psychotherapy.

I incorporate Integrative/Holistic psychotherapy techniques into all areas of my work with children, adolescents, and adults, in individual, couples, family practice or group settings.

An integrative approach can be used to treat any number of psychological problems and disorders, including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, phobias, and personality disorders.

During the intake process I will match the evidence-based treatment that is most appropriate to the individuals needs.

What you can expect from this approach is a more inclusive form of therapy, where the client plays a less active role in treatment plan.

I will consider your individual characteristics, preferences, needs, cultural/spiritual beliefs, and motivation to determine the best approach to therapy.

Different approaches may be used consecutively throughout different stages of the therapeutic process or they may be used as a single combined form of therapy throughout, this will be discussed and decided upon in our assessment and service planning meeting.


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