Esi Quaye MSW RSW (she/her)

Esi Quaye MSW RSW

Do you struggle with repeating unhealthy patterns of behaviours even after trying everything to stop them? Esi works with people struggling with addictions both substance misuse as well as process addictions and compulsive behaviors. Esi offers a safe and non-judgmental space to talk through otherwise stigmatized or shameful issues.

Using a client-centered approach, motivational interviewing, and psychoeducation, Esi works to help people identify their needs, and triggers to create a clear picture of their future goals. Esi works with adults who experience substance misuse, addiction, sex addiction, and healthy relationships. As well, Esi works with youth who experience substance misuse, inappropriate sexual behaviours, healthy relationships, emotional regulation issues, and who struggle with self-esteem.

As a registered social worker, Esi has experience working with youth and adults in school settings, healthcare, and the youth justice system. She utilizes a strength-based and trauma-informed approach to create a warm and safe environment for clients.