Melissa White (she/her) MA (c) RP-Qualifying

Do you feel disconnected from yourself or others? Are you stuck in perpetual patterns and hear yourself saying, “Why is this happening again?” Does your life or relationships feel unfulfilling and meaningless? Do you describe your career as soul-sucking, or feel like you are just going through the motions of day-to-day life? If so, changes can be made to help your life look and feel authentic and aligned with your values. Life is hard, and we are bombarded with constant crises, economic upheaval, systemic oppression, and intergenerational trauma. You can be the changemaker of your life and rewrite the narrative of your history and future.

My approach is collaborative and non-judgemental. I am trained in trauma-informed psychotherapy, and your safety and comfort in sessions always come first. I believe the therapeutic relationship is key in helping you reach your goals, which means creating and holding a safe space for you to express your true authentic self.  I draw from an eclectic toolkit of mind-body modalities and theories such as trauma-informed CBT, mindfulness, family systems, sound therapy and somatics, polyvagal theory, and the Gottman Method for couples counselling. I always place an emphasis on meaning and purpose within an existential-humanistic lens to support your goals.

Sessions can look like bringing awareness to maladaptive thinking and behaviour, regulating the nervous system, healing from intergenerational trauma and/or abuse and neglect, assessing readiness for change, and supporting big life transitions. I am a supporter of radical acceptance, self-compassion, and living alternative lifestyles.  Let’s get you unstuck and moving towards an authentic, purposeful, and meaningful life! I offer free 15-minute consults, or if you’re ready to start your therapeutic journey hit the book button or call the office at 226-208-2722.