This therapeutic modality is helpful if you’re more comfortable with a structured and focused approach in which the Social Worker/Psychotherapist often takes an instructional role.

Main Components

This modality includes a component of psychoeducation where you will have the opportunity to learn about your mental health diagnosis or symptoms of a mental health condition you may be experiencing—learning and practicing techniques such as relaxation, coping skills, resilience, stress management, and assertiveness.


This modality can help you develop hope, self-esteem, and motivation about your current state. CBT can create a rational thought process that allows you to function more optimally.


Due to the structured nature of CBT, it may not be suitable for you if you experience more complex mental health needs or learning difficulties. As CBT can involve confronting your emotions and anxieties, you may experience initial periods where you’re more anxious or emotionally uncomfortable.


The goal is to help you enact change in thinking patterns and behaviors, thereby improving your quality of life not by changing the circumstances in your life but by helping you take control of your perception of those circumstances.

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