Relationships require being intentional 365 days a year. You and your partner may desire to listen more, criticize less, or simply learn to be more present within the relationship. By working together with a clinical therapist can help you strengthen your relationship and become more mindful, engaged, and intentional.

Who Can Seek Counselling?

Married, unmarried, preparing for marriage, common law, dating, or however you define your relationship. We have experience managing relationship issues and are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all sessions.

When to Seek Counselling?

There are many stages of life that couples go through together and issues that couples face during their relationship. Here are some reasons you may choose to purse counselling:

  • Feeling distant
  • Trust
  • Intimacy issues
  • Communication issues
  • Parenting/coparenting issues
  • Family issues

As conflict and tension within relationships are normal and common, as you move through stages and issuesin your relationship you can find yourself struggling to stay connected.

What you can expect from counselling?

Your clinical therapist will work with you and your partner to identify and understand the problem(s). We will look at both the strengths and weaknesses within the relationship and collaboratively work to develop goals that will help you to reach the relationship you desire.

These goals may include:

  • Achieving a new sense of trust
  • Respect
  • Support for one another

As a clinical therapist we will guide you in making these changes to help with the improvement of your emotional bond and relationship satisfaction.

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