Project Description

A form of therapy for clients that deal with overwhelming emotions, attachment difficulties, suicidal thoughts and self-harm, etc.

This form of therapy has four main components:

  • Mindfulness:
    • Paying attention to what is happening in the present moment.
  • Distress tolerance:
    • Ability to accept and bear painful situations, thoughts and or feelings that are unable to be changed. Learning to respond wisely to distress rather than compulsively.
  • Emotional regulation:
    • Learning ways to better name and express feelings, as well as how to respond to feelings with self-soothing or appropriate action. Learning methods of self-care, finding balance, etc.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness:
    • Being able to live harmoniously with others, being able to express emotions, ability to ask for what you need, ability to say no, learning to set boundaries, etc.
  • Stages and goals:
    • Stage one: focus is stabilization. The client may be dealing with suicidal thoughts/self-harm or addiction. They can often report feelings of being at an all-time low in their lives. The therapist will center the session on safety and crisis intervention. The goal is to help the client achieve control over the problematic behaviour
    • Stage two: behaviour Is more stable, mental health issues may still be present. Therapist tries to bring emotional pain to the surface and traumatic experiences are safely explored. The goal of this stage is for the client to experience their emotional pain rather than suppressing it.
    • Stage three: focuses on enhancing the client’s quality of life through maintenance of progress and with reasonable goal setting. This stages goal is to promote happiness as well as stability.
    • Stage four: the therapist supports the client in advancing in their lives. This session helps making improvements upon the clients learned skills and works toward a spiritual fulfillment. The goal is to continue the goal of stage three in progressing with happiness and stability.

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