This therapeutic modality can benefit couples struggling with conflict, distress, and poor communication. While this modality is often used in couples therapy, it can also be helpful in individual and family therapy. Specifically, with individuals, this approach can help people improve emotion-related problems.

Main Components

This approach includes elements of experiential therapy like person-centered therapy and Gestalt therapy, systemic therapy, and attachment theory.


It will allow you better to understand your needs and your partner’s needs. It gives you the ability to talk about problems with empathy rather than escape. You will benefit from learning about attachment insecurities and how you can handle them. You will also find the cause of your problems instead of a symptom to have relationships that work out and last for a long time.


This may not be suitable for individuals who experience more profound problems. There is a focus on emotions, and it neglects other behaviours that may contribute to the problem. This may also be dismissed by individuals that seek psychotherapeutic depth in therapy.


The goals of EFT are strengthening self, regulating effect, and creating new meaning.

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