Family counselling is a form of group therapy. It can include parents, children, partners, grandparents, siblings, etc. Family counselling has the goal of helping everyone to learn to understand and support each other.

What is Family Therapy?

This type of therapy can help when families are feeling overwhelmed, angry, confused, etc., when there are situations that are preventing them from moving forward, or when behaviours seem repetitive and harmful.

This can occur when families are dealing with changes related to:

  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Illness
  • Financial strain or Unemployment
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Family Trauma
  • Grief or Loss

How does Family Therapy work?

The goal of family therapy is to help members work to understand each other and work through feelings in a safe space.

  • It focuses on improving interactions and communication between the members of the family, or those involved.
  • Often times family therapy is used when one person’s difficulties or actions are impacting other family members.
  • Therapy aims to support each person and work to improve strengths, make positive changes in relationships, and hope for a positive change in the family dynamic.

What can be talked about in Family Therapy?

Encourage everyone to talk about their experiences/concerns and encourage everyone to listen

  • Understand everyone’s needs, and values
  • Work to minimize blame of one another and work together to make positive changes
  • Help members to understand the impact of their words and actions

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