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Group therapy is a form of therapy that a clinical therapist works with a number of clients simultaneously

The goal of group therapy is to relieve distress by discussing and expressing feelings, aiding in changing behaviour, habits and attitudes that may be adding to the distress, and promoting more effective ways of coping.

How does group therapy work?

The group normally consists of a minimum of five members to a maximum if fifteen, and meet once per week over a number of weeks, dependant on the group

  • The group and the therapist sit in a circle where all members are able to see each other, and the therapist leads/guides the discussion and process in order to provide structure.
  • Groups are often created around a shared issue or same goal, this can include:
    • Mental health concern
    • Dealing with a loss
    • Parenting challenges
    • Suicide of a family member
    • Etc.

Group therapy is confidential, and all members of the group are expected to respect other participants privacy in not discussing or reviling identity outside of the group.

Who can benefit from Group Therapy?

Those that feel alone in their struggles may feel more confident in sharing with those that have the same feelings or are going through the same situations

  • Gain encouragement from peers as the group dynamic allows members to feel supported and accepted
    • Group therapy can provide a sense of community rather than feelings of isolation
    • The group provides a safe environment and provides new ways of interacting.
    • For a therapist being able to observe members in a group setting can allow for more valuable feedback

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