Light energy is not only essential to life but it’s also required for the optimal function of our organs and tissues. Light energy provides powerful support to the body’s natural healing process, by assisting in the production of cell repair & regeneration.

Light Therapy is a fast-acting, powerful treatment. The lights are warm, but not hot, and there is no pain associated with this treatment.

Using Red light and infra-red light, as well as pre-set frequencies, they penetrate below your skin surface to the cellular level, relax your nervous system, open up your lymphatic system, flush any toxins stored in your cells and then repair your cells by fueling them with (light) energy.

Light Therapy also aids in collagen production to hydrate and oxygenate your cells, and most significantly rebalance your nervous system.

Light therapy can assist in speeding up the healing process for ligament, muscle, tendon, and bone damage!

You’ll feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and deeply relaxed after just one session!

It’s like going to the beach, without the harmful UV rays.