This therapeutic modality is for individuals who have experienced multiple episodes of depression, low mood, and anxiety. The treatment effects are mediated by augmented self-compassion and mindfulness, along with a decoupling of the relationship between the reactivity of depressive thinking and poor outcome.

Main Components

This modality combines the principles of cognitive therapy with the use of mindfulness techniques. These techniques help you think consciously about your thoughts and feelings without judgment.


This modality decreases symptoms of depression or low mood, all while increasing your emotional regulation. It will work to reduce anxiety and stress, improve memory, cognitive improvements, and healthier relationships, and you may notice an improvement in your physical health.


This modality often works best with ongoing and consistent use; it is meant to be a life-long implementation to improve mental health and well-being.


You will learn to become more aware of your thoughts and moods through psychoeducation while not getting caught in the loop of negativity by using cognitive skills and mindfulness practices.

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