This therapeutic modality is helpful for people of all ages and in treating a variety of mental health issues. This modality is beneficial for individuals, couples, and families to help you tell your story.

Main Components

  1. Respect
  2. Non-Blaming
  3. The Client is the Expert


The three main components are the pillars of the work. It allows you to find your voice while using it for good. The Social Worker/Psychotherapist will help you become an expert in your own life and live in a way that reflects your goals and values. This modality is client-driven with open-ended questions and a broader approach to thinking about your experiences and empowers you to reshape your story for a position of self-worth.


The process can be in-depth, talking about your problems and your strengths. You may struggle with this modality if you find it difficult to articulate your experience; you lack confidence and intellectual activity, which can undermine your expression through a narrative.


This modality can work to help you to tell alternative stories about your life, so you better match who and what you want to be, all while leading to positive change.

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