Reiki is the practice of hands-on energy healing that works on your energy centers (Chakras), the energetic body, and the physical body.

A full Reiki treatment covers all organs, glands, and main energy centers of your body. It opens up your energy centers bringing balance to your body which enables you to absorb more energy into your physical body and assists you in releasing anything that may be blocking your natural healing process such as negative emotions, trauma, and physical injuries.

It functions in harmony with all other types and modalities or treatments (medical and non-medical) and can be combined with any other healing modality.

Reiki treatments can be extremely beneficial for any emotional, neurological, or physical ailments or disorders. It’s a healthy-alternative treatment for keeping your nervous system in a relaxed state aiding your immune system to function at peak performance and assisting in processing heavier emotional experiences, such as trauma and grief.

Reiki is especially effective in helping process grief and major stressful life events, either present or past events.

A session will leave you feeling balanced, stronger, revitalized, relaxed, and restored, after just one session!

It’s a mini-vacation for your mind and body.

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