Sara McCready Alternative Wellness Practicioner (she/her)

Sara is a certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Mentor, and mind, body & soul wellness advocate! She is the owner of Illuminated Joy and provides Mentorship for Women who have experienced emotional abuse. With her unique energy healing modalities, Sara helps clients heal and energize their spirits and assists them in repairing any physical ailments they may be working through. She uses a variety of energy healing modalities to facilitate a client’s customized healing session. Through her own personal journey, Sara knows the significance of holistic healing, working with the mind, body, and soul, as experienced through energy healing, and is a strong advocate for energy healing as a key element to maintaining & elevate personal wellness.

As a Reiki Master and Light Therapy Practitioner, it is her mission to provide clients with the highest and best soul nourishment for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. “Witnessing my client’s health and well-being breakthroughs is one of the many joys of being a Reiki Master and Light Therapy practitioner.” Because Sara is passionate about her client’s vitality and well-being, they receive the highest vibrational energy healing sessions, to bring out their natural light and joy!