Narine Sookram DSW (c) MSW RSW (he/him)

I have over 10 years of experience working with a diverse population struggling with a
broad range of issues. The issues include but are not limited to, life transitions,
relationships, anger, trauma, anxiety, depression, and loss. I work with individuals,
adults and youth, families and couples seeking support in sorting through the
challenges. As a therapist, I will make it a priority to provide a warm, safe, and non-
judgmental environment so my clients will feel secure to share and gain a deeper
understanding of their behaviours, thoughts, and emotions.

I’m humbled by awards and the recipient of over 200 prestigious awards for my
community work and love for the people. These include the International Customer
Service Director of the Year Award, the Public Peace Prize for SOCIAL
Integration and Community Engagement, Distinguished Social Worker
Award (Ontario Association of Social Work), Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants,
the Waterloo-Wellington Diversity Award, just to name a few.
I’m a licensed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainer, and a Registered Social
Worker/Psychotherapist who has been described by my peers as a unique breed. I
have a passion for people and humanity, and I believe in the concept of Caritas. I
believe that each person, regardless of their circumstances, has something to offer, I
meet people where they are at, without judgement, and always encourage them to
maximize their potential.