How to Get Started?

Excellent Question! You can contact Mindful Path Counselling by phone call, text or email.

Once you have reached out, let us know a couple things:

  • Are you interested in individual, child/youth, couples/marriage, family or group therapy?
  • Would you like a free 5-minute phone consultation or to book a 50-minute intake appointment.
  • If you are eligible and plan to access special funding.
  • Any questions or concerns you might have.

*We recommend looking into your insurance benefits prior to your first appointment as they could be partially or fully covered.

Welcome to Mindful Path Counselling. Our space is situated in a scenic country setting on a 2-acre lot surrounded by large trees, green space gardens and walking trails in a timeless yet modern building. You may choose to have your counselling session inside, seated outside on a private patio, or exploring the yard, trails, and surrounding area.
Location: The office is located is 5 minutes away from hwy 403, 10 minutes from Brantford and Paris, 25 minutes from Cambridge, 5 minutes Burford, and 10 minutes from Oakland and Scotland.


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Learn more about Mindful Path Counselling, and our experienced staff to find the social worker or psychotherapist that best fits your needs on your journey to well-being.