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Child & Youth Counselling

Therapy to help your child or teen overcome challenges, build confidence and feel ok as they navigate their way in the world.

Youth counselling can help your child or teen:




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When you know your child or teen is struggling,

but you’re not sure how to help.

Is your child or teen dealing with worry or stress?
Do they often feel sad or alone?
Do they easily get upset or angry?
Are you worried they might be thinking about hurting themselves or others?

We can support your parenting efforts by helping them find their way.

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Why consider therapy for your child or teen?

It’s tough to see your child go through challenging circumstances or emotions. As a parent, you want more for them—more smiles, more laughter, and more carefree days.

Therapy provides a supportive and understanding environment where your child can explore their feelings, learn coping skills, and start to heal. By working together, we can help your child overcome these obstacles, build resilience, and rediscover the joy in their everyday life.

Youth counselling can help your child or teen:

Therapy may be beneficial if your child or teen is:

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What challenges can child & teen therapy help with?

With constant and immediate access to social media and news, and the pressures it brings, today’s youth are more anxious than ever before. In therapy, we can help them figure out what’s making them feel that way, notice how their body feels when they’re stressed, and learn ways to calm their mind. This not only helps reduce their immediate anxiety levels but also equips them with tools to handle stressful situations in the future, promoting resilience and emotional well-being.
Navigating the complex world of friendships, social dynamics, and family expectations can be daunting. Peer pressure, misunderstandings with friends, conflicts at home, or the challenge of fitting in can lead to isolation, frustration, or feeling misunderstood. In therapy, we help your child or teen develop valuable skills such as effective communication, empathy, setting boundaries, and conflict resolution so they can build and maintain connections with confidence.
It can be hard for kids and teens to figure out how to behave in a world full of rules, standards, and social cues. Often, acting out, defying, or pulling away are ways that they deal with stress, confusion, or unmet needs. We offer a safe space for your child or understand their feelings, figure out their triggers, and learn more effective ways to communicate, helping them navigate life with more ease and less conflict.
The pressure, anxiety, and stress that come along with the rise in social media have had a significant impact on the self-esteem of today’s youth. In therapy, we help your child or teen learn and lean into their unique strengths. We also equip them with mindfulness practices, affirmations, and other strategies to help them develop more self-compassion and acceptance.
Experiencing grief and loss can be particularly challenging for children and teens, who may not have the emotional tools to process these feelings. In therapy, we offer a compassionate environment where they can express their grief, understand the stages of mourning, and learn to adjust to life after loss. Over time, they can navigate their grief journey, finding healthy ways to remember and honour their lost loved one while gradually moving forward.

About Us

Why Mindful Path Counselling

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We believe in treating you as a whole person.

At Mindful Path Counselling, we take a wholistic approach on your path to well-being.

Whether you need someone to talk to alone, with your partner, or with your family, we have a range of counselling services to fit your needs and budget. We provide in-person, online sessions, phone appointment and in-home services. Our diverse team includes skilled psychotherapists, social workers, life coaches, hypnotherapists, and more.

If you are struggling with general anxiety or a complex mental health challenge, we help people aged 5 and up find a welcoming and understanding place to land.

We’re more than just therapists, we’re a safe place to help you rediscover yourself.

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Our approach

How Child & Youth Counselling Works

More than holistic health, we offer Wholistic Health

It starts with your child or teen’s story. Understanding their journey is the first step to healing. 

Together, we find the right plan that offers the support, tools, and care your child or teen needs to make meaningful change. 

We provide the space, resources, and guidance for self-discovery and growth to help your child or teen find relief and begin to heal. 

We invite them to stay as long as they need.

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Questions About Child & Teen Therapy

Therapy can help children and teens with many emotional and behavioural concerns. Providing a safe space for your child to express their feelings can help them develop coping strategies, improve their mood, and improve their well-being. Whether your child has anxiety, tension, mood swings, or other issues, treatment is tailored to support their needs and growth.
It’s natural for children and youth to experience anxiety or stress as they grow up, but if you notice that these feelings persist and begin to interfere with their daily life, such as their ability to attend school, maintain friendships, or enjoy activities they once loved, therapy can help them figure it out. We will assess your child’s symptoms and determine whether further assessment is needed from a pediatrician or psychologist for a clinical diagnosis, guiding you towards appropriate support and interventions.
All child & youth counselling begins with a family intake session, where we can hear your questions & concerns. After that, your involvement in therapy sessions varies depending on the age of your child and your family’s preferences. For children aged 5-12, we typically leave it up to you to decide the level of parental involvement in therapy sessions. For youth beyond the age of 12, the decision is generally made by the young person themselves, respecting their growing independence and need for confidentiality. However, family sessions or parent consultations can be arranged to support the therapeutic process and foster a supportive home environment.

In therapy, we equip you with practical skills that you can introduce into your relationship immediately, and because of this, you may notice improvements within a few weeks. Meaningful, lasting change takes time and patience as trust is rebuilt and new patterns are established. With consistency and commitment, you’ll notice that over time, you feel more affectionate toward each other. You’re arguing less, and when you do, you are able to resolve the conflict with a solution that works for both of you. You forgive each other faster, and start to enjoy each other’s company more than you did before.

Each stage of development has its own characteristic behaviours and emotional responses for children and youth. However, dramatic changes in your child’s mood, behaviour, or daily functioning that seem out of pace with their developmental stage may indicate that they need more support. We can help you determine if your child’s experiences are typical growth or if there are underlying conditions that could use additional support.
We strive to maintain a therapeutic relationship with the client built on confidence, with the parent or guardians being involved on an as-needed-to-know basis, as in the case of immediate risk to themselves or others. Throughout their therapeutic journey, we inform you in a way that enables you to support their journey outside of the therapy sessions.

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The Difference Youth Counselling Can Make

Every person is unique, and every healing journey is different. Children and teens who attend consistently, complete the homework and have the support of adults in their lives are likely to see changes quite quickly while lasting changes come over time.

As your child or teen attends youth counselling you may notice that they:

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