First Nations or Inuit Status

If you have First Nations and/or Inuit status you, and your family members, may be covered for counselling sessions.

What is covered?

Every twelve months, an eligible client(s) can receive up to twenty-two (22) hours of counselling performed by an eligible provider on a fee-for-service basis (such as individual, family, or group counselling). Additional hours, considered on a case-by-case basis in the same twelve (12) months may be provided.

Limits of Confidentiality

However, as a therapist I do have certain limitations, with the following exceptions, I would not be able to ensure confidentiality:

  1. If you present a risk of physical harm to yourself or others, I am obligated to notify the appropriate parties.
  2. If there is a suspected case of child neglect or abuse, I have a duty to report to Family and Children’s Services.
  3. If clinical records are subpoenaed through a court order.
  4. If a presenting issue is beyond my scope of practice, I may seek clinical supervision/consultation. However, in this instance, your personal information would remain anonymous as I would continue to ensure your privacy.
  5. To report misconduct of a professional within my own governing body.

**Please note that in all instances I will do my very best to have a conversation with you about my concerns before any action is taken.

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