Inner Beauty

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Inner Beauty

Inner beauty can be defined in many ways. However, one way to describe it is a feeling of inner beauty we experience through our character and not too much focus on our appearances. The true beauty in all of us goes way beyond our physical appearances. Sure, it can get very confusing because many people wouldn’t want to buy into this, and in some people’s minds, they believe that people say this, so it makes them feel better about themselves, especially the ‘ugly’ ones. And on the one hand, it makes sense, too, because it cannot be seen.

What makes a person attractive is not necessarily their physical appearance, but more so, a person’s inner beauty makes them more appealing to others. Undoubtedly, physical appearances can be a good thing, but they can also easily be overlooked when other personalities are brought into the picture.  One thing we have to keep in mind is that first impressions do not always depend on our physique features. We must believe it from within ourselves because that is our true beauty.

One important thing to keep in mind is that inner beauty helps us to appreciate our outer beauty as well because the thing is, if we understand ourselves, it is natural that we will feel more confident about facing and interacting with other beautiful people that we are surrounded by. The message here is that outer beauty can undoubtedly give us short-term attention, but inner beauty will make people stick around for a long time. In a sense, what other people see when they look at us is undoubtedly a projection of what we want them to see because, as I mention, beauty is within ourselves. When we fill our thoughts with positive energy, we will appreciate the things around us much more.

I know that when we feel beautiful, our confidence brings out a glow of beauty that no outer beauty can compete with. However, on the other hand, if we think ‘ugly,’ our inner beauty will reflect the same idea and project it onto our outer beauty. Therefore, if we feel beautiful inside, we will always seem appealing to anyone else. Of course, using the word beauty rather than inner and outer beauty would have been better. One thing for sure is that if we believe we are beautiful, then that will be what everyone else sees because people can only see us as a projection of what we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. So, the ball is in our hands because we are all unique and beautiful if we choose to see it, but if we still feel otherwise, we must learn to overcome it.

By:  Narine Dat Sookram

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