Janine Davies (she/her) MA RP-Qualifying

Janine Davies MA RP-Qualifying

You are the expert in you, I’m here to help you in exploring yourself deeper. Clients from
ages 10 to 100 will find space with me that is collaborative, individualized, nonjudgmental,
and genuine. I work with individuals who may be struggling with mental health issues,
relationships or exploring who they are, couples/relationships in need of repair, or who want
to ensure they are continuing along in a healthy way as they plan their future together, and
families who may be struggling to reconnect, understand each other, or who want to ensure
longevity in their system.

Life is challenging for even the most stable among us, and we all need someone who will be
there for us in an authentic way. I meet people where they are and pull from different
therapeutic modalities like CBT, DBT, trauma-informed, and more because everyone shows
up in their own unique way.

I have 20 years of experience in mental health, working with a wide variety of clients, each
with their own individual needs and goals. My experiences as a mom, a partner, and having
lived through challenging times, show up as compassion and empathy for the journey you
are on. This is your life, let’s work together to help you find satisfaction there.

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