Session Fee

Phone consultation: Free

50-minute individual or couples session: $130

80-minute extended session: $175

In-Home Exposure therapy session: $150.00 + mileage

Consultation for Service Providers: $130.00 + mileage

Group Counselling: TBD on the group/# of sessions/location

Forms of Payment

Cash, cheque, e-transfers, third party direct deposit.

**Please note that your bank may charge a service fee for e-transfers.

Coverage and Benefits

In certain situations, you may have additional coverage available to you.
If you are a student, please click here.
If you have an extended health care plan/benefits package, click here.
If you are a first responder, click here.
If you wish to submit receipts as part of a tax claim, click here.
If you have been a victim of a recent crime, click here.