Ben Page (they/them) MA (c) RP-Qualifying

Ben Page

Were you raised in a purity culture that does not align with who you feel you are? Do you have religious trauma? Are you struggling in a relationship? Are you considering non-monogamy? Have you been struggling to make the transition from a monogamous relationship dynamic to a non-monogamous one?

Conscious non-monogamy is more popular than it’s ever been before in Canada, and learning how to operate in those new dynamics is incredibly hard. You probably have decades of socialization that’s told you that monogamy is the only relationship dynamic that is “okay” and that’s simply not true. A culture that has tried to fit everyone into a specific mold breeds anxiety and depression. You can combat these illnesses by radically accepting yourself and what you want for your life.

The shame and anxiety that can come along with early childhood religious programming can affect every aspect of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. This is not your fault. You can learn to release the shame of not being able to live up to the impossible standard of perfection. You are human, and that is enough.

My specialization lies in deeply attuning to you and your needs. I help you gain a fuller understanding and acceptance of your wants, needs, and feelings so that you can confidently navigate the intricate dynamics of relationships, both with yourself and with as many others as you choose!

Using a uniquely personal, gender-affirming, sex-positive, and non-judgemental approach, we will create a safe space so that you can develop a deep understanding of yourself so that you can live confidently and build the life that you have always dreamed of.

I have a passion for learning about you and your story. I use an eclectic method of therapy that centres around building awareness, movement, and self-love. I am certified in the Gottman Method of relationship counselling. Contact me for a free consultation today or if you’re ready to get started with an intake appointment click the book button or call our office at 226-208-2722.